onyonder group

office (01256) 476-396
fax (01256) 651-201
mobile (07763) 160-396

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Fair Catering

Our main raison d'être is to provide refreshments. Our reputation has been built up at stamp collector fairs, but we are keen to branch out into other indoor events. (antiques, auctions, exhibitions, any public event held once a month or once a year) menu.pdf

Philatelic events

stamp auctions, club AGM's, fairs, exhibitions, all will be shown on the Calendar section..

Other services

  • Yes, we are multi-talented. Social media promotions, web page design, marketing project management - all within our capabilities.Please enquire.
  • We also sell items on ebay, Amazon and Basingstoke Gazette Classifieds (books, philatelic material and gadgets). Check us out at onyonder.co.uk